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Model U.N.

Model U.N. involves simulations of UN bodies such as the Security Council and the General Assembly. Students at middle school, high school and college levels research global issues and play the role of delegates from different countries. Participants in Model U.N. simulations–called Conferences–learn to understand and respect cultural differences, to think critically, and to resolve conflicts peacefully. If you would like to start such a club or organization, please contact Tuck Green, the chairman of the chapter’s Education Outreach Committee. 

Listed below are the clubs and organizations currently participating in Model UN activities located in the West Triangle, North Carolina area served by our Chapter of the United Nations Association. The members of these clubs and organizations may also be able to help you get started and become involved in Model UN Conferences.

    Duke University: DIRA DUMUNC

    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill – Model UN

    Carrboro High School Model U.N. Club – email: carrboromodelun@gmail.com

    Cedar Ridge High School Model U.N. Club: Advisor Frank Felicelli  

    Chapel Hill High School Model U.N. Club – email: chapelhillmun@gmail.com

    East Chapel Hill High School Model U.N. Club – email: echhsmun@gmail.com

•    North Carolina School of Science and Math Model U.N. Club – email: ncssmmodelun@gmail.com

In April 2010, the first Chapel Hill/Carrboro Model U.N. Middle School Conference took place: PowerPoint Slide Show OR PDF file. For further information, please contact Björn Hennings.

Fourth Annual mini-MUNCH Conference , November 10, 2012

On November 10th 2012 twenty four North Carolina high school students took part in the fourth annual Model United Nations training conference at Chapel Hill known as mini-MUNCH. The Conference was sponsored by the West Triangle Chapter of the United Nations Association, the United Nations Organization (UNO) of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), and the School of Education at UNC-CH. The Conference simulated a U.N. Security Council debate on “The Civil War in Syria.” Attendance was limited to high school students with no prior experience in MUN conferences. Students prepared in advance by researching the countries they represented during the simulation. Throughout the simulation they were coached by UNO students on such matters as parliamentary procedure, caucusing, and resolution writing. The participating high school students are now prepared for full-fledged formal MUN Conferences held at UNC-CH, Duke University, and elsewhere.

2013 Chapel Hill-Carrboro Middle School Model United Nations Conference

Model United Nations High School Conference at Chapel Hill 2013

Third University of North Carolina Model United Nations Conference (UNC-MUNC)

Duke University Model UN Conference XXXII, Feb 14-17, 2013



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