West Triangle Chapter, UNA-USA

Notice of Dissolution

Over the past several years, the UNA-WTC Board had on more than one occasion requested volunteers from the membership to step forward and take up responsible positions in the leadership and governance of the Chapter. Many of the Board members, having served the Chapter for more than ten, even fifteen, years, felt that they had reached the limits of their capacity to contribute constructively to its ongoing activities. No members, however, were prepared to step up to accept these responsibilities.

Compounding this situation was the loss of Carolina Meadows as the venue for the Chapter's long-running series of Lunch & Learn sessions. As a result, the Chapter had explored other venues and types of activities with a view to attract new members, as well as to continue to provide existing members with interesting programs. Unfortunately these efforts were not successful and the precipitous drop in participation by the membership of the Chapter continued. Accordingly, the Board decided to return to the Lunch & Learn format for the 2014-2015 activity year in a new venue, the Galloway Ridge Retirement Community at Fearrington Village.

The first such event was held in October 2014 to honor United Nations Day, perhaps the most significant day in the UNA-USA calendar. While those who participated clearly enjoyed the program, the extremely poor level of attendance was yet a further indication that it was no longer feasible to continue to maintain the Chapter.

Accordingly and with great reluctance, the Board of Directors at its meeting on 3 November 2014 voted to recommend to the membership that the Chapter be dissolved. In order to do so, it was required that the members approve a plan of dissolution regarding the disposition of the Chapter’s assets. Once approved by the membership, the Chapter would cease its activities and deactivate its website and its social media pages. The remaining Chapter members would retain their membership in the national UNA-USA.

Members were asked to indicate their approval of the proposed dissolution of the Chapter by e-mail (and mail) ballot no later than 14 November 2014. The overwhelming majority of voting Chapter members approved the plan of dissolution proposed by the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the West Triangle Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA was dissolved and ceased all operations on 30 November 2014.

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United Nations Building in New York City

The United Nations Association of the United States of America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that supports the work of the United Nations and encourages active civic participation in the most important social and economic issues facing the world today. 

UNA seeks to promote constructive US leadership in a strengthened United Nations system. Specifically, it is our task to educate the public about the United Nations, increasing public knowledge about international issues and US government policies relating to the UN. We are to build public support for constructive leadership in the United Nations and advocate with government officials for US participation.

The West Triangle Chapter is composed of nearly 300 members in Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties, North Carolina.

The United Nations works to solve global challenges

  • Provides food to 108 million people in 74 countries

  • Vaccinates 40 per cent of the world’s children, saving 2 million lives a year

  • Assists over 34 million refugees and others fleeing war, famine or persecution

  • Fights climate change and leads a campaign to plant 1 billion trees a year

  • Keeps the peace with 116,000 peacekeepers in 17 operations on 4 continents

  • Fights poverty and helped 300 million rural poor achieve better lives in the last 30 years

  • Monitors, promotes, protects and develops human rights worldwide

  • Mobilizes $7 billion in humanitarian aid to help people affected by emergencies

  • Leads international efforts in clearing landmines in over 30 countries

  • Promotes universal primary education, reaching 88% enrollment coverage in developing countries

(From the Outreach Division, Department of Information of the United Nations)


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Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it is returning to the Lunch & Learn format for its meetings in 2014-2015. The Chapter will host four sessions tied to major events in the UN calendar at the Galloway Ridge Retirement Community. See Map for parking.

The first L&L will be in honor of United Nations Day and will take place from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm on 23 October 2014. The program will feature Felix Dodds, a writer, activist and futurist who has been active on the global water agenda for more than ten years. He is currently the co-director of the 2014 UNC Nexus Conference on climate, energy, food and water as well as being an Associate Fellow at the Tellus Institute in Boston. See the Newsletter for further details and reservation form.

2014 UN Contest Winners Announced

UNA's U.N. contest has now been offered ten times, although when it was first offered in 2005 to students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District, no one entered! Over the following years, the contest was gradually opened to high school students in the Chatham, Durham, and Orange County school districts. We have been curious about what has happened to this incredibly knowledgeable and talented group of young people who won our Contests. Therefore, we embarked on a search to find out. Read about what these amazing young people are doing now: U.N. Contest Winners: What Are They Doing Now, 2014?